Advice needed for switching back to Java developement .

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I'm about to complete a year in a Wellknows MNC. I was trained on informatica , cognos toools and PL/SQL. During training

I gained good grip on informatica nd PL/SQL. Also prior to joining this company I was having 10 months of java development

experience at a small startup company.

After training I'm given a ETL testing project. I've been working in this project since last 7 months.

I tried best to adjust my mind but it's getting really difficult for me continue doing this work. I continuously feel like

this is not my cup of tea. I discussed same with my manager and he told that I might be shifted to developement after may

be a year or two. But I'm afraid that if I'll wait for 1 year I might completely lose my developer mind as I've already

started feeling my brain getting rusty. I continuously feel that my technical skills are getting wasted.

I'm too confused whether what to do in such situation.Is it possible to switch to development after working as tester for

1-2 year?

I'm even thinking about switching to some small startup company as Java developer.
I would like to note that personally I was enjoying my work a lot when I was working on Java developement.
I have strong aspirations towards technical work.

Considering above scenario and facta I want suggestions choosing right career track.

Thanking in advance.

Deeraj's Advice on Friday, May 02, 2014 :

Hi Rahul,
The incorrect decision was made when you were asked to do ETL testing. Did you ask all the questions that you have posed here to yourself before accepting the ETL testing job? I doubt, no.
You are in a situation where you know a bit of java development, a bit of ETL development and a bit of ETL testing. These are three different paths that can never go hand in hand.
If you are not satisfied with your current role as a ETL test engineer, and I know you currently are not. I would advice you to brush up your skills on java, project your complete experience on various streams in your resume. When called for interviews, please be sure to highlight that you only have 10 months of java experience however you have a good learning curve to get up to the speed in a minimum timeframe. Also, spend some personal time to develop advanced java programs to ensure you can crack the interview. ETL Development has also equal opportunities in the industry you should be good with either switching to java or ETL. Also, bring your concern to your manager at frequent intervals so that it will help him understand your aspirations.

Good Luck!

Cheers, Dheeraj

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