Career Change from .Net Developer to Automation Tester

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I have 3.6 years of experience in .Net Development. I don't have much interest in coding.

With this dis-interest in coding, its becoming challenging for me to grow.

I want to change my career and wanted to move in Automation Testing.

Please suggest, will changing career after 3.6 years is right.?

Also please share your views about .Net Automation Testing Career.


All yours views will be very helpful.

Deeraj's Advice on Saturday, May 10, 2014 :

Hi Jainp,

While coding is converting a business problem to a technical solution, testing is all about ensuring that 'does the application do what it is supposed to be doing'. Coding is easier only when your understand the business problem. When you are clear about the requirement coding is a cake walk. However, if don't understand, its a nightmare.
coming to testing, you should be a functional domain expert, all of those business rules should be in your mind only then you will be able to succeed in the testing field. So both of them have challenges.
No job is easy in the IT industry every job has its own pros and cons on how we deliver things.
So, my advice would be to first identify the problem areas wrt to coding, if you were able to find and resolve them, you should be a good programmer. If not, moving to the testing department will be a good idea provided you have a good memory power on remembering all business rules of the system this is essential everytime you do a regression or end to end test.

Good Luck!


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