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Dear All

I heard from my friend, at present in market upcoming technology was Big Data..

I am thinking to switch on Big Data. I had listen from my friend words, its booming in coming years. Currently i have 1.4 years experience in dot net developer and sql. Is it suitable for change the field towards big data.

if yes please let me know how can i learn big data.
Which Tool is best in Big Data and which institute is best in Hyderabad to learn BIG DATA..??

Please give your valuable suggestions to build my career growth..

Advance Thanks..

Sheo's Advice on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 :

Dear Ramoj4rao,

Thanks for asking question. Of course as the name "Big Data" is in the market these days and it is going to be there in future as well. As the data is growing by several means whether mobile, computer and other hand held devices and people getting connected to the internet in large every day; there will be need of storing and analyzing the data gathered.

However, couple of points before you decide to switch into Big Data.

  • Do not jump to Big Data because of your friends suggestion unless you have real interest in data management and analysis.

  • If you find so, you are in initial stage of your career so you may shift into Big Data and your current experience may help in one or the other way.

There are many Big Data software like MongoDB, Hadoop etc. Hadoop and MongoDB are famous and mostly being used by many organizations.

We may not suggest any institute to learn from. Try your best to find about the institute before enrolling.

Thanks and good luck.

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Posted by: sudhirsaxena33-27986 on: 8/13/2014 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25

I would like to suggest you to at least go for search on web what exactly these big data technologies like hadoop, MongoDB are all about. I mentioned only these 2, as both of them are in high demand for the present time.

Although these technologies have a great scope ahead, but you cant simply start learning this if 2-3 persons recommended you this. You just need to think on your own whether you really want to build up the career in this. Obviously if you are sure about it then there is lot to explore and lot to earn too,

So you gotta scratch some web and make a wise decision before making a shift. You can look for some blogs below as well :

As you will go through them, you will notice the one is from beginners point of view and the other one is how you can explore after you have become an expert and possible options for Big data experts!
Posted by: Jackmartin on: 9/22/2014 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Hi Ramoj,
You heard right from your friend in today's market there is a lot of scope in " Big Data and Hadoop " .If you really want to build your career in same technology and looking for training then I will suggest you to join on-line or self paced courses of intellipaat .
For mor you can visit below mention Link

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