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I work for an MNC for nearly 10 yrs and have been in the same working on the same product.My total exp is in dot net. I do not work in core dot but in customized framework.As a next step in career i am confused what to select. I am not interested in people management and not very technically sound person. What should me options in the coming days if i want to make a change over


Deeraj's Advice on Friday, June 06, 2014 :

Hi Santhanalakshmiv,

This has been a repeated question in a variety of forms. Firstly, I appreciate your honesty on being open on your technical and people management skills. Considering the fact that you are a very senior programmer in customized .Net framework with close to about 10 years of experience and you realize that you are not good at people management, I would recommend that you continue to be a technical person.And, I know this is something that can be advised very easily. And, in reality you will need to work hard to keep yourself updated with the most recent technological updates almost everyday.

Here is a simple tip that should help you make a better person technically. There are lot of articles written around the globe. This website along with others have a rich repository of information. If you can manage to go through one article everyday, it would sum up to a 30 articles in just a matter of a month. And this means, you have learnt so much of technology already. Not only this helps you to update yourself, I am positive that you are going to help others in need globally via this webstie and others. Also, forget not to implement what has been learnt so that you will remember it for a longer time.

Donot get disappointed for what you are today. You dont have to compete with your colleagues or friends, but try to compete with yourself. Evaluate on a daily basis on what you were yesterday and what you are today. Repear this for next six months and if you dont see an improvement. Please get in touch with me via this website.

Everything depends on your interest and determination on how you want to be different from other engineers. All you need at this time is a small vacation to relax, bit of self encouragement, self motivation. You should be up and running in a shorter timeframe.

Hope this helps

Good Luck!


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