Urgently Require Help & Advise for changing Technology!!!!!

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I am Senior .Net Developer and now i like to change my Technology from .Net to Business Objects Developer. I have more than 7 years experience in .Net Development and Support.

So is it advisable to change my Technology at this stage of career. Or should i stick around to same .Net technology.

Will this change affect my Career graph in terms of (Designation & Pay) ?

I have created my interest in Business Objects as the .Net world is getting more complex. As the interviewers expect you to remember everything.

Kindly Advise.

Deeraj's Advice on Friday, June 06, 2014 :

Hi Vikrant,

It seems that you are looking for an alternative when something becomes difficult. This works but not every time and I am positive that you may not choose this option everytime you run into a trouble.

You will need to seriously work on the issue. Donot consider temporary fixes and/or alternatives to deal with a situation and to get away with it. Always work towards finding the best solution.

It is always good to have a blend of technologies in your portfolio. However, it doesn't mean that it will impact your career in any way.

The problem here appears to be that you know .NET may be to a moderate level and you are not taking it forward to the next level and as your experience grows, you are expected to be a more advanced .NET Developer and an expert to end the journey and which is not easy.

The same problem may arise even after you switch to business objects or some other technology which you understand that it is easier than .NET and in my opinion every technology has its own challenges. It really depends on your interest and passion to master the technology.

Hope this helps


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