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Respected sir,

i am a fresher working in a small level company in asp.net and i want to know how to craft my career in my near future.what are the technologies should i go through and what is expected from me in any mnc .how to get through the interviews if i get a chance in any one of the mnc.please reply me.....

thank you

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 :

What is expected in any MNC can be found out from a job descriptions of MNC job postings. The expectations from a freshers is usually to understand the technology well, fundamentals should be clear. You should know in and out of the ASP.Net. You should know how to develop end-2-end software at all 3-tiers from user-interface to business logic to database.

Know things at all 3-tiers, presenation level (various  presentation components their uses ), business logic level (VB or C# fundamentals, OOPs fundamentals) and Database (ADO.Net , Linq etc., SQL Queries etc ). Other than this also know other best practices like handling exceptions, logging, caching etc . Also know how to use your tools like Visual Studio, VSS , SQlServer etc.

these are some basic things you can conceptrate on.

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