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Hello, Myself Sameer Thakur. I have done my B.Sc.(Chemistry) from MU in 2010. I also completed GNIIT course from NIIT. After the same I stared working as a ASP.NET developer with one of the reputed company from 2010 onwards. Apart from this, I have done distance MBA from Welingkar in 2013.

I have lot of interested in management level careers. So, please post me regarding following questions:

1. Will distance MBA worth me to achieve my goals?
2. Is there any short term course/certification which will enhance my chances to be in higher position?
3. I'm good in technical as well as managerial skills, so what can be a better option for me?
4. As I'm of just 24 now, what should be my approach towards my carrer? I mean if there in anything else which can be better than what I'm thinking at the moment?
5. Also let me know, if there are any scope my experience in aviation related careers.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, July 26, 2014 :

Please find the answers to your questions below :

1. Unfortunately, distance MBA does not hold very high weightage in the industry

2. Moving to higher levels in management requires you to learn all the basic activities first, much like an all rounder. For example, you will need to have a strong understanding of front end technologies, database, testing - manual and automated, performance testing, etc. It's only after you have traversed this journey do you become ready for a higher management job. No course or certification can help here - though the PMP certification will definitely start you off.

In higher management you should be able to take informed decisions, and most of your decisions will have a huge impact. Without understanding the tasks happening at the lowest levels you cannot succeed in higher management.

The below link by renowned Agile Guru Mike Cohn says it - there is a thin line between effective delegation and shirking of responsibilities, and more often than not it's bad managers who shirk their responsibilities since they do not have the knowledge to take informed decisions.

3. That depends on where your true passion and interest is. The thumb rule is - if you cannot lead people you cannot be a good manager.

4. Your prime goal should be to keep learning and keep growing - it's like this, as you keep growing, you eventually hit the ceiling in your current role profile. That's the perfect time to seek new roles and responsibilities. That's how you move from software engineer to senior SE, TL, PM, etc. It's breaking out of your comfort zone to the next level consistently. The faster you grow, the more rapid your journey will be.

Going into higher management has more to do with becoming a better leader.

Sainath S

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