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i got selected for a company on dot net platform.i am fresher with good knowledge in dotnet.when they recruited they told me that i am going to work in dot net platform.but when i entered into company they allot me an embedded project .when i asked hr he told that it is embedded project with dotnet coding that's we put you for that project.but i am facing so much problem while understanding project because that project contains all electronic related components are there i am unable to understand those electronic project name is VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM. my question is even i worked for that project after 2 yrs if i want to shift to some other company is it possible to put my designation as software developer or shall i have to put embedded developer ?

Sainath's Advice on Monday, March 01, 2010 :
Hi Pradeep,

To answer your question directly, you need to decide for yourself whether you would like to specialize in embedded or  dotnet programming in 2 years time. This happens with a lot of freshers / experienced people alike, creative ideas of creative HR staff. If you wish to specialize in Embedded, the job will be a good training ground based on what you have stated. One word of caution, though - you need to have a good grounding in Electronics to succeed in this area in the long term.However, if dotnet is the goal you need to treat this job as a short-term option, gain programming experience and look out for better options. Having said that, as a fresher you are fortunate that you are getting some degree of programing work first-hand, so do not think that all is lost. Everyone has to start somewhere, and those who succeed in the long term are people who make optimum use of their limited opportunities.


Sainath Sherigar,

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