need advice to choose training / dev/ testing?

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I am 7yrs experienced in dev + 1 yr in to training. Due to domestic issues, i had to take break on and off. intially 2 yrs (2008-10)and 1 1/2 yrs recently.the last break since last feb 2013 till date. but this period i was actually doing corporate training and not idle. so overall 7yrs into accurate development and 1 yr into training. And as you know too many jumps and frequent gaps totally damaged the resume. Now after having settled down with my domestical issues, i am finding hard to get back into development.

soemtimes , i think about joining testing course (manual+selenium). Please advice whether development or training or testing will be apt for me. as of now my mind is noding head (ok)for all the three. My skill sets are as follows. 3.5,MVC4, Sqlserver 2008,C#
WCF, Webservices.
-Thanks and awaiting your valuable advice.

Manohar's Advice on Friday, November 14, 2014 :
Dear Gayathri,

Greetings and sorry for the delayed response.

I suggest you to stick to development and brush your MVC skills and practice advance javascript (frameworks). Currently market is there for MVC and you can get it easily. Be confident and brush your skills.

Intimate to HR people openly what happened to you and how desperate you are which definitely help you.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


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