How to get On-Sight offers.? What are all the companies provide On-Sight offers rapidly.?

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Hi Everybody,

I have 3 years of experience in Microsoft technologies mainly in,, SQL servers, little bit knowledge in SharePoint also. Now, I'm working in big MNC, but I'm expecting On-sight offer. But in my company they won't provide on-sight offers. So, I plan to shift my job location to that type of companies.

Now, my question is for getting on-sight offers what factors we need to improve.?

How many years of experience is required for getting on-sight offer.?

Is there any age limit or experience limit for getting on-sight offer.?

What are all the companies provide on-sight offers.?

Please provide those details for improving myself.

Manohar's Advice on Friday, November 14, 2014 :
Dear Naveen,

Now a days onsite offers depends on the type of project and also the interest of the client. Generally Tier I companies will have opportunities. Not sure you are working for a client either in US or UK or working for a product owned by the company. 

If you chose a project where you are providing services to your client then these projects will have more chances. Meaning they will give the specs and you develop the software and provide them. If your current company is not doing this then look for a services company. In services company you need to be a hard working person to select you for onsite. Everyone will promise onsite opportunity but they will award only for the people who are qualified and hard working. 

Best time to opt for onsite is 5 years. You will have enough maturity which will take you to next levels. I mean after your onsite visit you can target for a mangerial position or an architect position as you will have live experience with client and you will see things as on. 

Hope this helps..


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