Regd. Career change from IPTV domain to some other .NET Project

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I am currently working in a telecom company (total IT exp. 3.1 yrs).
I have been into IPTV domain (particulary Microsoft Mediaroom) from starting.
We have not even got any single development project till now, other than developing POC for the Mediaroom using some domain specific controls, I have not worked on any .Net project till now.

I have correspondence degree (both BCA & MCA) & Full time Diploma. I am so confused & worried regarding my future in IT industry as I see that most of the companies ask for Full Time degrees only.

Please advise me what should I do. I want to change the job as my current SPM is not releasing me and even my HR is advising to lookout for some other company as he cannot do anything unless SPM releases me.

Kindly suggest without fail.


Kapil's Advice on Saturday, March 27, 2010 :

Prajo, I can see you are stuck with a specialized product. IPTV domain is quite new and slowly new domains will ask for it usage in their application. Hence, there will very few project as of now and will be so for some time. 

You need to move on for shaping your career and work in mainstream technologies like .Net or java to give a start your career. But dilemma for you is that you have nothing to show as experience in your resume.  Your resume will not shortlist becuase you lack the experience the mainstream expreience. The resume shortlisting is very mechanical process which matches against the keywords like Java, .Net. In case in our mediaroom if you did some coding with laguage like .Net, C# , or any language. Highlight it. Practice more into using the language of C# for making something with your MediaRoom.

You can start exploring in your comapy projects where is there a great need of .Net programmers. However you may need to show excellence in .Net. This will happen if you keep your eyes and ear open. Talk to senior person of that project to take you and talk to your SPM. Also develop cordial relation with SPM may be if you talk with personally making him mentor and have heart-2-heart he may help you there. 

If that does not happen, look outside  but in that case you may have to start afresh with career and have to do extra bit to move into mainstream. It will be like fresher showing self experimental projects so you could be shortlisted and get attention from compaines which have .Net projects and pass interviews (be prepared with all fundamentals because you may not get much chances).

Best of luck !!!


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