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i am working as Lead engineer in production/application support. i am having total experience of 7.5 years which includes 6 years in Software Testing as my past experience and 1.5 years in production support(current Profile). Now I am looking for company change and worried as where should i go and with which profile.

Should i look for new opportunities in Production support after having only 1.5 years of experience or should i stick to my testing Profile and look for the opportunities in software testing only?

Or, is it worth to expose my both profiles while looking for a change.

Please Guide me!!!


Venkatmanohar's Advice on Sunday, April 19, 2015 :
Dear Abhishek,


Based on the information you have provided I suggest to go for Testing as main stream. You can keep your production support experience which will add value. You need to project your profile having Testing, Release Management and Production support experience.


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Posted by: Abhi1519 on: 4/20/2015 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Thanks Manohar for your valuable response. I will try upgrade my self in Testing.

however, if you can explain little more on how the production support experience will add value in this as both testing and production support are two vast and different profile. also, on which level of my career I can have advantage of both?
Posted by: Venkatmanohar on: 4/21/2015 | Level:HonoraryPlatinum | Status: [PanelMember] [Member] | Points: 25
We need to know what kind of production support you are doing now? If you are doing any L1, L2, L3 support where you are answering user queries or taking care of the issues reported by users etc then it will come under part of maintenance. In testing we do regression testing for each release went to production, some will call it as post production support. If you are supporting the releases in production and making sure that everything is on par then it will come under Maintenance and as part of Release Management. I can shape this up if you can provide more details.

Posted by: Abhi1519 on: 4/21/2015 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Hi Manohar,

I am providing L2 application support and this comes under Maintenance part of SDLC.

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