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I have toatal 4.5 Years experience with IT. I have yet worked with various technology like Asp.net,VB.Net,SQL 2000,Ajax,Crystal reports. I have worked mostly as Software programmer with dotnet technology.

Currently I am working with one MNC as Senior developer.

But now I think I am doing totally against I wish with the life.

I am not at all satisfied with the job.Job culture & environment is totally eating my head.

And now its becoming so difficults for me that I cannot take proper breath in weekend too.

I am really worried with what I am today.

Please advise me for my career.

Thanks in advance



Sainath's Advice on Saturday, March 06, 2010 :
Hi Parth,

Your problem is lack of clarity - which is dragging you mentally down a defeatist path. Negative self-talk (what you are telling yourself in your head), bitterness, resentment, negative attitude are siblings and can only lead you towards greater frustration.

For me, from an outsider's perspective, you are doing pretty well, atleast you have a platform using which you can further your career cause.

Sometimes we look upon our situations and refuse to count our blessings - you do not need to go  far, just check the career queries posted by people who are right now struggling to get a break. Please be grateful for whatever your situation is, remember, things could have been far worse. Develop an "attitude of gratitude", else you will flounder.

You need to step back, relax, put things in perspective - and work towards the next step. Set a small goal but a strong goal - hit the goal, regain your confidence and start moving forward. Live upto your name, Parth (Arjuna) was the epitome of concentration and focus.

Check out the below links, probably you may get some value out of it.



When your life is disrupted by decisions or actions made by others, an essential question to ask yourself is. "Who is responsible for how well my life goes?"
    - Al Siebert in "The Resiliency advantage"


Sainath Sherigar,

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