Career change to BA or testing after IT development

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I am a B.Tech information technology graduate with close to three years of .net development experience with an MNC and am on a break since Feb 2013 for child care.

During my tenure I struggled to get work done as I don't enjoy coding much.Now I want to be employed in a company as soon as possible but don't want to be a coder as am bad in it.Please advice whether I can take up a course in BA or testing and get employed with out industry experience in that respective field.Looking for an expert advice.

Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 1, 2015 :
Thanks for asking your question.

It's nice to know that you know your weaknesses and you accept it. Of course there are career in BA and Testing and you can acquire knowledge in those areas by joining training.

However getting jobs in those areas without experience may be little tough for you. Your past experience of development may help you in getting job as testing as it would be treated as bonus for you. So instead of BA, try to learn testing and start attending interviews.

Thanks and good luck.

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