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I have nearly 4 years experience working as trainee,web developer n senior web developer. I work in various 3rd party tools like telerik, spreadsheet gear and other reporting tools compatible with I worked in only 1 company which caters to health care. I worked on web applications. Sadly, I quit my job in 2012 when our company was in the process of being acquired by a bigger MNC and lost out to learn more about microsoft cloud,agile process, responsive web applications, html5, jquery,css3.

Our old company followed outdated 3rd party tools like telerik mostly,so since I joined there as a fresher, I never worked on pure web app nor mvc models. I quit my job in 2012 and moved to US on h4 visa, and immediately became a mother n got busy raising my son, now I want to go back to work, but I feel no confidence in because I think I never got enough exposure to it nor got any work exposure to the new methodology like agile,scrum, or html5, css3,responsive website and other new stuff. I feel so incomplete. At the time I resigned, I was involved with a new team from the acquiring parent company and was starting to work on all these new stuff because our technology and methodology was getting revamped.

Everything was to be migrated to MS cloud. Our director tried everything to stopped me from resigning, he even agreed to give me 3 months holiday if I wanted. I never told anyone about my marriage because of fear for getting longer notice period to be served. Since I was relocating to a different country, I convinced him to relieve me which he reluctantly did and gave me shorter notice period to serve.

Now, I realize everyday on what I lost in my professional live, I just want to change my career to something comfortable which is easier for developer to change. Besides, what skill can I learn while in US to change from developer, I can only start learning when my toddler gets enrolled in a preschool, which we are planning to do in a couple of months, I am not able to write code or read anything while an active toddler is jumping all over me. Pls help.

Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 1, 2015 :
Thanks for your detailed questions. Changing/shifting career from developer to others like testing etc. may makes much sense however you may not get satisfaction as you were a developer earlier and testing job may not excite you. Apart from testing, there are other jobs like technical writer, analyst etc. I am not sure how good are you in those. 

So I would suggest you to start learning following technologies that are in much demand in USA as well as other countries and they are easy to learn for developer as well.

  1. HTML5, CSS3 - As your prime skills are web development, so be comfortable with these technologies
  2. JavaScript and jQuery - Without JavaScript (and also jQuery), its tough to imagine web development now
  3. ASP.NET MVC 5+ - It goes without saying that ASP.NET Web Forms doesn 't excite most of us now, so ASP.NET MVC is future. 
  4. ASP.NET Web API - SOA, Restful services etc., days are gone when application used to be standalone. Now services are the backbone of the application. ASP.NET Web API plays crucial role in it.
  5. AngularJS - Even if it is a separate JavaScript framework and not necessarily used with ASP.NET, however it is in great demand everywhere. If you know JavaScript and jQuery, learning AngularJS will be very easy. AngularJS works good with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API and combinations are in great demand.
Learning above technologies are not very touch, you can learn all above technologies from with real time problem solutions.

Once you are comfortable with this, try your luck and hopefully you will get what you wanted.

Good luck.

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