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myslef P.Sahoo, i want to know how can i prepare for any interview (.net) & quantitative , verbal , oral exam . I completed MCA in 2008 , still trying for job. can u suggest me any site , so can get a job . i know there many site but i upload resume i don't got any call. is it because i am fresher.

Kapil's Advice on Saturday, March 27, 2010 :

Sahoo, it is dilemma for all the freshers unless they get selected in their collage campus.  Once outside, person has to compete with lakhs of people already on look out for a job and almost yearly more and more people adding to that competition. You have already lost 2 years and weak comapared to fresher just out of collage.

You uploaded resume is being screened along with lakhs of other people. The screeing process is very mechanical and non-intelligent. They look for keywords like .NEt, C#. So your resume need to have something extra then other lakhs of resume.

You need to do extra bit , learn more than fresher. Show more like knowledge of patterns,  Microsoft blogs, frameworks like nunit. Learn more about ADO.Net, ORM and get in new trends.

Always look at the Job descriptions of the jobs that you are looking at. See what is being asked. Learn and master them. Add them to resume showing awareness. This should help you getting your resume first step of being shortliested.

Next, be prepared becuase not many chances will be there hence try to prepare before going for interview....

Best of Luck!!!

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