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Dear friends,

Could you please anyone help me to select my path. Currently working in cement industry as a IT-engineer I have both knowledge programming and infrastructure management (like handling of servers, network and information security etc) and I have 2 year experience so which one is the best and safer side one because I am more interested in programming

shivprasad's Advice on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 :

Probably my answer will be a bit biased as i am a programmer myself. But here's my thought process. I think programming is the base on which networking is built. So i really consider networking to be a bit of subset of programming , many may differ on this.

The only sad part i have seen in pure networking career path many of them are just plugging cables , installing patches , installing OS , fixing hardwares or maximum they land up as administrator of a company who takes a 100 calls  a day from departments when the network fails. Because of stable  OS server's ,rarely failing routers and firewalls etc networking is pretty matured. In today's automated IT world you more of configure networking programs , hardwares etc. So the boundary is limited.

But thats not the case with programming. I think as a programmer only sky is the limit. You can fly your logic to whatever level you can. You automize a organization and really turn their ROI upside down.

Ok now for the good side of networking. As a programmer you really need to slog which is not in the case of networking. So if you are looking for peaceful life networking is better than programming. If you are looking for the SKY then go for programming.

Which is safer , well both of them and you know what the salary difference is also not that big.....


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sainath's Advice on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 :
Programming is one area in which any individual having the ability to think logically will do well and also derive a lot of creative satisfaction. Which explains your liking for the same - curiosity to learn new technologies, applying them in real time and watching the end result is very fulfilling.

Having said that the networking field is also a great place to be in although the initial stage may involve cabling,etc which may lead you into falsely questioning the wisdom of your choice. Earlier Indian software companies were only involved in software development projects but now infrastructure outsourcing is also picking up in a big way and all the major IT companies are players in this field.

Succesfully designing the networks for premier organizations like for ex.stock exchanges, global financial giants is by no means easy and even the maintenance involves a lot of thinking. With wireless networking picking up, information security concerns are rising all the time. Outsourcing has meant that companies no longer restrict themselves within their cities/country which again means that having a worldwide network becomes important. On demand infrastructure technologies like cloud computing, grid computing, server virtualisation,etc will only create more disruption in the field. All in all, enough is happening in the networking space to create it a good career option as well. The creative satisfaction is a little late in coming when it comes to networking but it is definitely there.

Your long term interests are crucial when making a choice - but do make the choice soon else as the proverb goes, you will fall between two stools.

There is nothing such as a safe option or secure job, more so in IT. However, if you love your work then the discipline required to ensure that your skill levels are high will never seem a big pain. Make sure that both your HEAD and HEART are in the job which you do and you will never work for a day in your life !


Sainath Sherigar

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