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I have totally 4+ years of experience in open source technologies. For the last four years I have been working in PHP,RubyOnRails, EXTJS. Currently Iam working in malaysia in a leading MNC. I came here before six months for PHP platform but now my company wants me to learn ASP.NET. They given me some time to learn .NET. Now I have very much confused considering my future, because from my scratch stage I have been in open source only. But now I need to change my entire platrform from opensource to microsoft technology. Considering this I have few questions in my mind. Please reply for these questions which would be very much helpful for my career growth.

1) If I switch over to .NET means, then it would be affect my IT career with respect to technology wise.
2) From my designation level(currently as senior software engineer), is it possible to go higher positions when I switch over to different platform.
3)But I love to learn .NET in my perspective, because every thing is coming under web development and programming only. Please provide some good tutorial links to learn .NET in an advanced level.


Kapil's Advice on Saturday, March 27, 2010 :

Mahendran, this is actually a great opportunity to learn new technology and platform. Technology and platform are just tools and technique to provide solutions to the customers. As you grow you will to learn more and experience more such changes and moves.

It is actually better becuase .Net provides have much more advance and mature paradigm of design, patterns, frameworks, development which missing in the scripting laguage like PHP(although PHP 5 is also OO). But I have not come across many programmers in PHP who have sound OO concepts, it could be just a coincidence.

1) It will give a boost to your career if you learn more new technologies.

2) Actually you need more diverse expereince of technologies, desiging, architecting to rise in your career which should be more in .NEt.

3) You should find lot of good books on .Net to learn. There is books and books, turorials, and video tutorials also on .Net which should help you.

4) But more important is that you start learing OOP concepts. which is more important rest is just change of syntax.

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