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Hello Sir,
I'm having 4+ years of experience in oracle/d2k and I can say me as a good oracle programmer in, but recently I have been put into .net framework of 3.5 with oracle as backend and attended some basic training.
Here I'm confused in taking a decision whether to go for .net or to be in oracle? And all my experience as an oracle programmer is not going to be carried out anymore.

Please advice, is it advisable to change the technology which completely a new one.

Thanks & Rgds,

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 :

The Oracle/D2k combination has been in use for some time now. But the question you have asked is not a new one. Oracle has been paired with Powerbuilder, Visual Basic 6 in the past and now .Net.Couple of things you need to remember when evaluating a technology is -

(a) How well does it meet business requirements?

(b) Is it a growing technology?

I can say that .Net is strong on both these counts. But being a .Net guy myself, my opinion may be biased. At this moment I would suggest that you atleast try your hand at .Net for a few months and defer the decision of changing the technology entirely to a latter stage. A lot of people have started off in D2k, moved on to PB,VB6, .Net depending on market demands. Some months later you will be better informed and in a better position to take a decision.


Sainath Sherigar,

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