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I left my previous IT company in Aug 09 and joined Investment banking firm. I served 4.5 yrs in previous company and worked in different projects and got good exposure also. Now I am not enjoying in my current company where i have completed 7 months in terms of work where most of the time i sit idle. At the time of leaving previous organization CEO of company has called me and gave me the counter offer which i have not accepted politely and has given the reason that I need some change as completed 4.5 yrs.
Now if i want to relax current company is perfect for me in terms of time flexibility and work. But moreover I am not enjoying over here. Work culture of company as compare to IT company is totally different. So I am thinking to join my previous company.
Please suggest should I wait and complete one year and join some other orgainzation or should i talk to my previous employer.
Thanks in advance

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 :
Hi Feroz,

Your situation is as below - for 4.5 years you have worked in an IT company. Probably you must have worked on many development projects and experienced a lot of "creative satisfaction" which comes from such work. You have now taken up a job in an investment bank - this is known by many terms, captive centre, off-shore delivery centre, etc. Typically captive centres offer better salaries, a more laid back work culture, and tons of maintenance work. From the job security perspective, the captive centres are not necessarily vulnerable to the swings in the IT industry, they are more prone to economic swings in the financial world like the recent sub-prime fiasco which impacted some big names in the global investment banking world.

I see a lot of people changing jobs and the reason stated is  "some change is required." I would attribute this to lack of focus or a clear career direction. You need to ask yourself - "Where do I see myself in the next 5 years? What is it that I am trying to achieve?" Once this is clear - list down what skills, kind of on-job experience is required to achieve the same. The on-job experience may be found in your current job. Else, you may need to find another job which helps you move up to the next level in terms of assignments and skills. Make no mistake - every job should be a stepping stone to the next level in your career. Very few people give sufficient attention to these minute details -  it is no wonder that very few people become truly successful in their careers and life in general.

One more point - clear career direction along with passion for your daily work is a strong combination. Passion need not only be in the immediate assignments given to you - it can be in new initiatives you take up in your office for ex. new technology feasibility studies, finding new solutions / approaches to old problems. In my entire experience I have observed that such opportunities are always there no matter how bad the immediate environment, but few individuals have the attitude / eyes to see it. Most accept the status quo.

A bad performing database = Opportunity to learn performance tuning
A bad, buggy application = Opportunity to learn the best ways of refactoring
A bad boss who does not encourage subordinate's growth = Opportunity to learn the art of negotiation, people skills

Specific action steps for you:

(1) Decide once and for all where you would like to be in 5 years time - the "WHERE"

(2) Prepare a roadmap - how are you going to get there ? -  the "HOW" and :WHAT" can be clear only after the "WHERE" is clear

(3) Analyze your current job responsibilities -  will these help you in achieving your long term goal? If yes, continue in the current job. If no - find a new employer after careful evaluation and feedback.

(4) Do not limit your daily IT experience only to job responsibilities - find other avenues online where you can showcase your skills. Open source projects on, forum contributions, article writing, training should all form part of the daily deliberate action of a true IT professional. This will keep your skills well-oiled, keep the creative satisfaction flowing high and also ensure that you are growing fast in the field.

Going back to a previous job is usually a last option - something that you need to think through carefully. Please check the link below which provides more advice on this.


Sainath Sherigar,

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