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i am graduate with commerce stream & i have done .net framework 2007 in year 2008 now i am sitting idle what should i do next.

sainath's Advice on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 :
Firstly, being a non-B.E. i.e. coming into IT particularly the programming field from a Science, Commerce or Arts stream may have some disadvantages initially due to entry barriers in some of the top IT companies, eventually this does not matter primarily because this is a skill driven field.This is why you find people from all streams who have a flair for logical thinking and the ability to persist doing well in IT particularly software development.

For the same reason, sitting idle is a strict no-no. It takes only 2-3 months to lose your edge in programming. Any potential employer will choose to employ you only on the basis of your real value in terms of skills so you mandatorily need to work on them. Action steps I can immediately think of :

  • Raise the intensity of your job search
  • Make sure your resume is present on all the key job portals
  • Log in everyday
  • Apply for enough number of jobs - make sure that the law of averages is in your favour
  • Learn from every interview / screening experience - positive or negative. Refining your approach is the sure-shot formula to succeed.
  • Study job descriptions and list down the skills which are still in demand and try to learn the same
  • Network with others and try to get into a project - even if the pay is on the lesser side it ensures that you are gaining real-time project experience. Eventually  when the economic tide turns you will be adequately compensated.
All simple steps - but remember, the truth in any matter is always simple, which is why most people miss it !!

Sainath Sherigar

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