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Dear Sir,
i have total 4.8 year exp. & my around 3.5 year Exp. in Software Development(vb,asp,,c#,,sql servwer, oracle), due to recession i was realsed from project, so i joined Engg. college's job as technical faculty. nowdays i trying to comeback as Developer in IT industry .I have given more than 20 interview rectently, but i failed in interview. mostly i rejected in technical round.
I analysis the reason of reject, then i find 2 reason-
1. i have theroitical knowldge, but when interviewee went to depth of topice & then i could not satisfied them. It mean i have therioal but not conceptual knowldge as there is 1 year gap of developmement & in Microsoft technology there are many new technologies in which most of requirements coming like- WCF,WPF, Silverligt, framework 3.5, Linq.
I know the base concepts of these topics but when go to depth of these technology, i could not give satisfactory reply.
2. Communication skills-Average.
I do,nt have very good comminication & interpersonal skills, that important things for Client interaction.

My Strength- positive attitude & good confidance. I always face view with confidance & never feel nervous as i have given too much interview in my life.

Sir, i want to come back in IT industry as markeet is hot for IT.
Please give guidelines to me how i can crack the technical interview.

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 :
Hi Sanjay,

You have analyzed your failed interviews well - at your level of experience the potential employers are looking at the kind of candidate who firstly should have a sound grounding in the technologies mentioned above and secondly, should be able to independently work on modules  from the word go. Moreover, the demand is currently high for these technologies. If you answer only the fundamental theory about  these  technologies you are effectively approaching the whole situation like a fresher. This strategy works in the initial years but as you grow in experience you are expected to know relevant technoologies at a certain level of depth. Not having development experience  in the last 1 year cannot be an excuse - there are enough practice projects on the MS site to give you a strong idea of how these technologies can be used  in practice on real-life projects. I think you need to focus hard in this area for the next few months - eventually  things will work out. Confidence which is based on real, deep knowledge is much appreciated by interviewers. The same confidence can work against you if you confidently give a wrong answer, for that matter, good interviewers will gauge you immedialtely and may not spend more time on the interview.


Sainath Sherigar,

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