Is Basic Fundamental .net questions needed for experienced Proffesionals in Interview

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Hi all,

I just have a doubt ,Can any1 help on this issue ?

I don't know why Is Basic Fundamental .net questions needed for experienced
Professionals in .net Interviews

Why cant they check only their technical part and not get into
too much theoretical for lateral or experienced persons. ???

Thanks & Regards

Naveen ...

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 :
Hi Naveen,

In this era of false experience, fake / touched up CVs it becomes imperative that the right candidate is selected. Years of experience are not always the best measure - if the candidate has not really grown in his years of service, his no. of years of experience may not be useful.

Usuallly, with experienced candidates we may start off with advanced questions - but if the answer is not satisfactory then we start stepping down 1 level at a time to figure out how much the candidate actually knows. If the knowledge is not satisfactory then we may end up asking even basic OOAD just to arrive at a final decision about a candidate. But yes, I guess the interview should not commmence with the most basic questions and then progress higher, atleast for experienced / lateral hiring. Sometimes, the kind of  questions being asked also givve you a hint about what work you will be actually asked to do in the project - it sometimes makes sense to keep quiet and patiently hear out what the interviewer is saying. This may actuallly allow you to arrive at a more informed decision.


Sainath Sherigar

Nav234 said on Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you Mr.Sainath ,

It was good to hear.I would like to how should i improve and
sharpen my skills and get a nice job in IT MNC .

Thanks in advance


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