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I am working as a web developer using php, python zope, plone, turbogears. I have around 4 years of experience. Now I want to expand my knowledge in other related area. So that I can have multiple option for growth. What should I do for this? Should I do some courses related to software enginering project management or should I do some technical courses like cyber security, testing.

Kapil's Advice on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 :

To grow in your career there are mainly 2 options: 1) Horizontally 2) Vertically.

For alround development and growth one must grow in both ways.

Horizontally is when you  learn more technology and areas and broaden you skill set. this is what you do when you so courses like cyber security and testing. This will help you in your implementation of the technology use are already skilled in.

Vertically is when you move higher and take higher responsibilites. You are developer now and you gow on to mature on to become designer, leader and then manager.

So both the courses are relevant but currently may be Security and Testing courses would be better.

Software Engineering Project Management course should also be done but after you have some experience in people management and SLDC. Then you would be able to appreciate that course better.

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