Is it right to switch to from as current market expects and C# ?

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hi all ,

I have 3 yrs exp in only Windows application and SQL database.Now iam looking for a job
change and go to an MNC.Currently im not working for the past 2 weeks.

Iam attending interviews
But Current market situation expects and C# ,more than (Win App).

So what should i do to keep me updated with web applications and stuff and
get a job in MNC ,how to sharpen my skills as soon as possible.

Help me as soon as possible.

Thanks in Advance


Kapil's Advice on Sunday, May 09, 2010 :

It is definately right to learn new technology of ASP.Net. It is not swtiching but expanding your horizon from a very narrow area to more broader scope. ASP.Net needs VB.Ent at backend. ASP.NEt is only a front-end language.  You should definatrly learn it if market requires. In fact you should be ahead of market and try to keep as much skill in your arsnel as possible.

And to learn, there is no shortcut and there is nothing like medicine for your "as soon as possible" demand. You would have to start from begining.

Windows application are mostly client/server (2-tier) and coding is more event oriented and there is no clear separation of the presentation , business logic and database.   There is no requirement of maintaintg state because that is maintained at cliet itself.

In web application(3-tier) the separation presentation,  business logic and database is more strict. State is maintained at server and hence requirment of handling it.

Buy a good book and start learning from basics and then move to advance concepts. Most book are in that order. Faster you start soon as possbile will be your learning. To further your concepts there are microsoft enterprise framework. OpenMVC framework for MVC pattern type coding, ADO.Net and other concepts to learn.  Also, refer the interview question book of shiv as a refresher for interview.


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