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hi ,
i have 3.5 yrs experience in (asp.net,vb.net,vb 6.0,sql server).
i am working at small level company and now try to change the company for better opportunity.
I have done B.Sc. Computer Science.
i haven't get any interview calls. i have given only 2-3 interviews, and no reply.
so i hve main three questions,
1. Because B.Sc. Computer i didn't get interview calls?
2. I think,The interviewer didn't get satisfy with my answers, so how can i do preparation for my interview?
3. i also analyze myself i think, i therotically knows all things but i am conceptually somehow week , so how can i improve my concepts from basic?
Please help me ... i want to improve myself...

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 :

BSc Computer is not limitation for getting interviews. Some companies MNCs especially put filters for MCA and BE but number is not very large. When the skill set is a match and and candidate is quite good companies do hire BSc Computers, and other courses people.

Reason for not getting calls is mostly because your Resume is not well written. Try to spend time to write a good resume so that it matches with more prevelant requirements in market.

As for your interviwes, you need to prepare well. Try some interviews just for preparations. Like what questions are being asked. what is usual expectation at your level or experience. Also know advance concepts.

Try to learn more things than required at your curren jobs. Most project does not let you learn many advance concepts and fundamentals. Design patterns etc. Becuase in  most projects you do mudane or routiune things especially in Support and Maintenance. People do cut and paste without understanding anything in the code.

Try to make special effort to learn new things like ADO.Net, ORM tools, Microsoft Blogs and learn from them, work it out, code and learn designing to succeed in interview ands also later in life.

Also at my blog http://blogmylearning.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-to-get-interview-calls.html, I had tried to explain the interview process so that once can understand how to get more calls in interview.

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