dotnet developer after b.a(pass)graduate

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dear sir,

i'm simple B.A(pass)Graduate after Graduation i've done dot net now i'm working with a software company as a software developer last 7months but my ques is there will be a gud future 4 me only my this qualification
either i should apply for other stream if yes than tell me which stream i should apply whereas my that exprience will be count .
if i can countinue my career in this stream then how ???????
pls tell me i'm confused

sainath's Advice on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 :
Your decision to become a dotnet developer must have obviously been taken after due thought. At this point in time the recession has had an impact and new projects are not taking off.

Under the assumption that you like the programming field, I would suggest that you persist in your development job. The reason is simple, during the last dotcom bust back in 2001 3 out of 5 developers quit the field to join other traditional streams. But the people who persisted at the time were hugely rewarded when the economic boom commenced.This has more to do with economic realities and less to do with in which field you are. Also, make no mistake, taking a break from software development even temporarily and returning after 1-2 years is considered a negative on the resume. People view it as a sign of indecisiveness.

Finally, it does not matter whether you have done B.A or any other qualification - the programming field is a great leveller. Qualifications play a role but eventually skill rules. So, my advice is that you should use this period to raise your skills.


Sainath Sherigar

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