How to become a DBA from current TSE role?

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I am BSC graduate in Computer Science (2008). Currently i am working in a company as a Technical Support Engineer. I did a course in .NET and SQL through a renowned institute but am unable to find a job in these languages. I have a site of interest in becoming a DBA but while researching through net i found the job oppurtunity for a fresher is almost close to none. SO could you please let me know how should i go about it if i want to become a DBA and get a job??

Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 03, 2010 :

The following career path is possible for you:

Technical Support Engineer (1 - 2 years)  -->  Junior DBA --> DBA

No one starts off as a DBA in their 1st job itself. Data being the most critical asset of an organization it is not possible to give it into inexperienced hands. Usually, people start off as programmers / software engineers or TSEs and migrate into the junior DBA and DBA roles over a period of time. You need to check the lateral movement options in your current organization. Points to watch out for:

  1. Does the current organization have a huge DB infrastructure ? - this ensures that openings in the DBA space will get created at some point or the other
  2. Does the organization believe in helping staff to grow laterally? - Check out if any examples exist wherein people have graduated from the TSE position into better roles
  3. Build your DB knowledge - no matter which  DB you choose, you need to learn and do the relevant certifications. This area is huge and you need to really develop and master your DB skills. The time to learn is now, not after you become a junior DBA
  4. Lateral options are given only when you excel in your current role - so your performance evaluations in your current role should be excellent.

Sainath Sherigar,

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