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hello sir ,
can u please explain me about the lavel and significance of dot.net technologies, as i read about new technologies almost daily, and in big compnies like ibm, wipro, infosys i found a lot of unknown technologies in highlight, please advice.
i think i am really good at programing. what wil be the careers prospective for me after a couple year of experience.

Kapil's Advice on Sunday, May 09, 2010 :

Technologies .Net techolgoies is technology of microsoft system for creating Windows and Web appliation. Other competing technologies are Java technologies (which is mostly for non-microsoft system) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) technolgies with PHP (or other RAD language liken PERL, Ruby ...)  getting very popular for web systems because of open source supported community , fast development and easy learning path.

Frameworks Other than that there are frameworks for fast track development and built in best practices. Like in .Net we have enterprise blocks, OpenMVC framework, NHibernate. Java has Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF etc.  LAMP has Symfony, Zend etc.  These are very important to add to your skill becuase they are moslty used in MNC for their large project developent.

Develpoment  Developing in large project usually requires other skills and processes like IDE for development (Eclipse/Visual Studio), Verson control (CVS/Visual Source Safe), Testing (Nunit/Junit), Auto Build Enviroment like Cruise Control etc.

Products Then there are products built-on using these technologies within built in functionalities to fast track the development. However, they provide environment but against the development has to be again done in the above technolgies.  

Like, .Net has Microsoft technolgies based product like Sharepoint, Microsoft Commerce Server, Biztalk etc. Java has non-microsoft technolgiies based product of companies like IBM , Oracle, Sun ... like Web portal, Commerce Server, ESB. LAMP has products like Drupal etc.

Technology, Frameworks and Developmet Processes and Tools are very important skill required of any Developer.

Hepe it clears your question of significance of dot.net technologies.

For other question of job posting from big comanies do not worry about them if you have good knowledge of your choosen technology, popular frameworks  in its space and tools and process for its development.

These job postings are either very general where they post in every technology available on planet and expect a 2 year experience person to know it. Or it could be against a new project which has come in. The project manager ask his juniors the technologies needed. They list in all know technical words required in project irrespective of whether it is in single person or multiple person. And Recruiter post it.

You can apply against them because I do not think anyone can know all the technologies mentioned in them. Then interviewer questions moslty on the fundamental of the technology and other concepts revolving around the best practices (which can come with knowledge of framework) around that kind of development.

Other job posting are very specific for a tool knowledge like sharepoint, Commerce server ... Here you can only apply if you have experience of that tool. Learning the tool is not a big deal. These tools again these tools again require .net skill for customizing components which is complex part. Here again your .Net skill will help you.

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