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Hi Sir,

I am sanjivani patil and completed B.E comp after that i have completed h/w networking course in which MCSE,CCNA,Red hat wear included.i have done certification in Red hat.

Currently i am working with Accel frontline at the site of Oracle financial software limited as Desktop Engi.I want job in Linux but i dont have experiance for that so i face many problem to get job in linux.please only tell me that my this exp is countable for Linux?and if i want to do more certification or more study then what i do.please suggest.

Thanks and regards

Sanjivani Patil

Sainath's Advice on Monday, May 17, 2010 :

As a fresher it is difficult to directly land a job in Linux administration - at any level. But the good thing is that your career direction is clear - most of the time people, especially freshers are totally confused about their careers and get swept away. Starting off as a Desktop Engineer is not bad in itself, infact, you should make it a point to progress slowly and surely so that your conceptual background and practical skills become rock solid. You need to try and get into an account where Linux is currently being utilized as a server OS for mission-critical objectives. I have personally observed quality candidates follow the following career path:

  1. Desktop Engineer
  2. L1 monitoring on Unix servers
  3. Completed certifications in Unix in parallel
  4. Got absorbed as junior administrators on Unix based on previous year's performance - lateral movement (Remember, their performance appraisals in each year were consistently very good)
  5. Rose to become system administrators in Unix

The same applies to Linux as well. The entire process can take 2-3 years, in this period you should ideally master the Linux domain. Also, key condition for this plan to work is for you to be in an account where Linux is being used - so that when the opportunity opens up people naturally look to absorbing someone whom they know first hand to be good in her work, sincere, good attitude,etc. It also depends upon whether your current employer,more importantly reporting manager is keen on growing your career prospects.Nevertheless, I know people who have patiently and persistently made their way to the roles of System Administrators and DBAs over a period of 2-3 years, but all the time their thought process and career direction was crystal clear.

Hope I have answered your question.


Sainath Sherigar,

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