Career next step for higher studies - MBA or MCA?

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Dear Sir,

Currently I am working on C#.Net, SQL2005, designation - Software Developer (Microsoft Certification MCAD), having almost 6 years of experience. Basic qualification is Bsc(Chemistry) & planning for higher studies in distance education. so please guide me which one is good for me.
1. MBA in IT or 2. MCA
Also guide me which University is best ?

Your valuable suggestion will give me a right direction for my carrer.
Thanks & Regards

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 :

This depends on what do you eventually wish to do - whether you want to progress on the managerial side or whether you want to progress on the technical side? The question has been answered in detail before,please check the below link:

Based on this analysis,you can take a call.

(1) MBA in IT - will prepare you for a managerial role.

(2) MCA - will give you greater technical proficiency.

A point to note, however,is that both / either of these are not sufficient in themselves to equip you with the latest trends either in the managerial or technical space. What I mean to say is that for technical excellence you will obviously need to master all technical skills - language, architecture, design patterns, etc (check the other answers on the career forum). For managerial excellence you will need to master things like PMP, ITIL, COBIT, Project management, etc if you really want to do well.

As you can see, both areas of specialization are pretty vast so it is very important that you carefully weigh your options and then come to a decision.


Sainath Sherigar,

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