whether to choose developement or testing

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hi, 'm Krithika.. having overall 3+ years in software developemnt.. issue is initially 1 year i was into testing, after which i was taken to java development team, though i was into projects 'm not having exposure to lot of technologies that they demand now.. also i have quit the orgn due to marriage and looking out since this feb, not getting interview calls so 'm quite worried as to what to do.. even if i learn new technology they would treat me as fresher or not having working experience..so 'm in a big mess whether to choose development or move to testing.. pls guide me.. thanks

sainath's Advice on Friday, August 14, 2009 :
Please do not lose heart. As per President Obama the worst of the recession is behind us now.

Pursue one great aim with force and determination.......
    - Major General Karl Von Clausewitz

Firstly, I would suggest that you decide once and for all in which area you would like to work in the long run.You need to take this call based on an honest analysis of your abilities,skills and area of interest.

A lot of times, when hunting for jobs, most of us think short-term since earning immediately becomes a stronger priority over building a career.Typically this strategy involves targeting a skill area which is very high in demand so that the moment we have some knowledge in this area, we get a job immediately. This works in a booming economy where demand for a skill is greater than supply. The same strategy fails miserably during a recession. Only the top 20-30 % of people manage to hold onto or get new jobs primarily based on their skills and value to a prospective employer simply because companies cannot function without their best employees. But getting into that top 30% demands that you know your core area of specialization really well.   

In any case,based on the details you have provided, be it testing or software development, there is a gap. 7 months of effort(Feb. to Aug.) has not resulted in a positive result. Had these 7 months also been spent on gaining new skills your position in the job market would have been stronger by now.So my advice would be:

(1) Decide on the area of specialization
(2) List down the gaps in skills
(3) Make a basic plan to upgrade skills and prioritize on 1 key major skill which will make maximum impact to your CV
(4) Take massive action - work towards developing that skill
(5) Be patient - do not expect miracles.Give yourself a fair chance to succeed.

All the best !


Sainath Sherigar

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