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Hi everyone

I am in the IT industry for past 11 years.
Employment History is as such,

Company1 - 1998 - 2000 (Senior software engineer)
Company2 - 2000 - Apr 2008 (Project lead)
Company3 - May 2008 - Oct 2009 (Project lead)
Company4 - Nov 2009 - Till date (consultant / contractor)

This is regarding my salary negotiation. Due to my personal reasons (I have a kid at home), in the company3, I worked part time.
In Company4, the mode of engagement is contractual. Whenever there is any relevant work, I accept it and get paid for it.

Now, I am planning to take full time job. The questions are

1. I don't have any details on CTC. my last drawn is 6.75 lakhs per annum. But I don't have any bank statements/ certificates
How can I justify this

2. On total, I have 11 years of experience. Should I only apply for project manager role now?
I am not confident enough for project manager role. Can I apply for project lead role and how to justify this?

Rajesh's Advice on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 :
This is another common dilemma.  Remember one thing the no. of experience is not directly related to the role.  There's also an interest factor.  What you like to do?  Project Lead role is different from Project Manager Role.  So, decide your interest factor first.

Since these gaps regarding employment nature  and salary is obvious, there is nothing you can do much except openly declaring it at the time of HR interview.  If your skills are in demand and you fit the bill then these things won't matter.  An honest talk with the HR should be enough to get things rolling out.  But ensure you are honest and there is no ambiguity and you are able to clearly explain your position.  Its your confidence that counts.  You may face a few hiccups but that will be temporary.

NOTE: Keep yourself updated with latest in technology and management.

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