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Apologize for my lengthy query, please take some time and read it.

First of all thank you for all senior members of this group for providing excellent advice. My name is Darshan and I am currently working as a Recruiter in a RPO model (Recruitment process outsourcing), here the recruitment process from US is outsourced. I would like to do something different, as I believe I can offer more than calling candidates and checking if they would be available for a job. I know that I have potential and I am not utilizing it.

I have decided I need to proceed forward in IT Service Management/ITIL by taking up ITIL V3 foundation certification. I have not come to this decision of considering ITIL/ITSM as my career in one day; I have spent enough time and made lot of research in this area. The reason I believe why I should be in ITIL is because as India being an IT Service Management/Outsourcing capital of world I believe ITIL has a lot of scope and opportunities. ITIL would be better suited for me as I am more of a Business oriented person, I love to use IT to solve business problem, I would like to stand outside the process and see how it is functioning and I like to make the process more efficient. I see lot of opportunities to make the Service management process in India more efficient and since ITIL has been accepted has the de facto IT Service Management framework I am planning to make my progression into ITIL. Also I am more of a combination of Business and IT person.

The question I have is I am not able to see what after ITIL V3 Foundation exam? I am not able to see myself doing what after clearing ITIL V3 foundation. I do know what are the options available like I can pursue my career in Change Management, Release Management, Configuration Management, Service Delivery Manager or Quality Consulting (ITIL implementation) but, what I should do, what is suitable for me?....I am not able to take a decision in this regard. I am 26 years old now and I have an Engineering Degree completed in 2006 and from then on I have been working in an Outsourced Recruitment environment.

I see candidates with ITIL certification being in positions like Infrastructure Manager/Architect, Service Delivery Manager, and Change Manager or implementing ITIL framework for a company...I am not considering being a Change Manager as I would like to do something big. So if I want to be a Infrastructure Manager/Architect, I don't have a CCNA or MSCE certification nor the Networking background and if I want to be a SDM, again here as well lot of people say that this is a India specific title and more linked to outsourcing and I have understood what it SDM by reading your posts. I have seen in US people have not heard about this SDM title at all and the last one is implementing ITIL framework for companies, is this good? SDM and implementing ITIL framework for companies are attracting me more. I know I am sounding confused and I have too much (more than required) information, I am here so that you can condense this information and give me a road map to follow. I have big aspirations and big plans like doing ITIL certifications, PMP, Cobit, but at this moment too many things are filled in my head. I need your help in creating a plan.

I am open for any suggestions you may have for me, please respond. Look forward for your valuable advice.


Sainath's Advice on Monday, August 30, 2010 :
Firstly, my apologies for not responding to this earlier as this is a quality question.

"I would like to do something different."
"I know that I have potential and I am not utilizing it."

This is the voice of your inner mind - which is always right. Many people choose to ignore the call of their inner minds and compromise, some choose to listen to it for some time, pursue their talents and give up on the first hurdle. A small minority of stubborn people choose to follow their own path and attain greatness.

Your overall understanding of IT Service delivery is absolutely correct - and your opinion of ITIL being in demand is based on solid facts and a sound analysis. Your overall approach to process improvement is also correct - all these standards focus on only one thing, "creating value for the business". So, the goal is

Goal : To provide value to the business by providing optimal IT services

What is the role of standards?

COBIT : Aligns IT strategy with business strategy and provides a clear roadmap to make improvements in a controlled manner. This can ideally called the "WHAT"

ITIL: Provides standard guidelines for setting up your Service delivery in a correct manner. This is the "HOW"

PMP: Is focused on the core area of Project Management. This also comes under :"HOW"

Doing the ITIL foundation is a good 1st step. Please remember, as part of the IT management team in any organization, you are always in the Service Delivery function, whether you are the SDM,Change Manager, or even the CIO. Titles do not matter - the point is that you have understood what service delivery is all about and you need to use that as your compass to navigate further. No matter how small the title, ensure that you are in a role which gives you the opportunity to do the below things:

  • Be part of operating a process
  • Understand the actual business need
  • Improve the process using standards

In short, this is one of the fundamental principles of IT governance.

The person who has mastered then skill of providing the best value of IT to business can eventually rise upto the CIO level. You need not figure out the entire roadmap in advance - it's like this, as you go ahead 1 step at a time, the next step will be automatically clear to you. It can never happen that you start the journey only after all the steps are crystal clear. So commence on faith.As a famous quote goes "You cannot discover new lands unless you lose sight of the shore."

One more thing - the moment you start on this road you will face some tough hurdles which will basically test your commitment of being a marathon runner. You will come across many organizations where ITIL has been implemented incorrectly, the problem is not in the standard, the problem is the so-called experts who have implemented it badly. There are also others, for ex. telephone service providers who have done a good job of implementing service delivery standards, It is surprising that their call centre staff, ground zero operations staff are well aware of SLAs,etc.

All the best !


Sainath Sherigar,

DKS said on Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Thank you Mr. Sainath, so kind of you. Your advice has boosted my confidence, Thanks for your advice which is as clear as a crystal. What's unique in your advice is that you have given me a Vision which is in line with my goal, thanks for that.

Please help with the below questions which can help me achieve my goal.

1.Please provide me a 5 year plan as to how should I progress based on my question and your advice? What are the skills and certifications should I acquire. I will be starting with ITIL V3 Foundation exam

2.To achieve the goal which you have mentioned above what kind of job should I be targeting?

3.Considering I have 3 years of experience in an outsourcing environment, a complete starter and will be having only ITL v3 foundation certificate what are things should I focus on in impressing the interviewer.

I am really grateful for your time, thanks for your continued support.


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