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I am currently pursuing my MCA from UPTU.Lucknow. I am heading for my 5th Semester. Now It is the time to think for our Career.
I am seeing my career in .NET and JAVA. But I am confused as to whether to choose .NET or JAVA to carry on as my career language. I want to choose one which is adaptable in long run. Because learning a short term language which is not acceptable for long run is a very costly descision . I am keen to build my career in .NET and want to do certification like MCP, MCTS bus there are rumours in the market that .NET is not used by most of the companies like HCL. TCS, INFOSYS, etc...... and that these companies mostly use JAVA as their working platform. Please advice me whether i prefer JAVA or .NET to build my career . please also tell whether .NET is stable like that of JAVA.

Sainath's Advice on Thursday, June 24, 2010 :
Do not rely on rumours - both .Net and Java are good career options. But choose one - and specialize in the same.


Sainath Sherigar

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