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Dear Sirs,
I am an M.C.A graduate 2006 passout. I have worked in small software sevices firm from December 2006 to June 2008. There I got hands-on experience in ASP.NET with C# and with SQL Server back end due to working with small projects. Now I am working in Saudi Arabia in non-IT field.I have decided to go back to my previous software job in .NET in Chennai in our home country. I have a strong desire towards .NET framework particularly with C#. But I have to be here till next year(July 2010) because of my contract norms. I have now a strong determination. My age is 28 running and unmarried.Will you please suggest me whether I can establish my career in C# in the coming year in chennai or it is a tough deal? Please suggest what are the ways to accomplish my aspiration. Hopefully I am awaiting for ur reply sooner!

sainath's Advice on Saturday, August 15, 2009 :
I am not sure what prompted you to move into a non-IT job, but rather than focus on the past which cannot be changed, we should focus on the future and particularly on those things over which we have control.

"I'd rather focus on the things which I can change rather than those things which I cannot change." said Shane Warne during a post-match conference during the last IPL. One thing each one of us can learn from successful people is that given a situation, they think differently from ordinary people which is what makes them extraordinarily successful.A lot of people attribute success to superior talent,God given gifts,etc but that is only 1 part of the deal.More often than not these people have higher levels of EQ / EI - emotional intelligence to handle situations in life.

Coming to your situation, let's look at the things you cannot change - the contract norms, the fact that you are working in non-IT,etc cannot be changed for the time being.So better to ignore these things rather than lose mental energy.

What are the things which you can change ? - most importantly, yourself and your skills and knowledge.

Having worked for 1.5 years in the field you already have a strong base. The reason I am saying this a lot of time you end up doing everything in the smaller  companies since there is very less process support. Survival demands that you learn things the hard way and usually this helps sincere people in the long run.You have about 1 year to spend in your current job.You can either choose to make the most of whatever opportunities are available to you or squander away the time in negative emotions like worry,etc.

Take one final decision - and move ahead on auto-pilot no matter what. Don't do what many unsuccessful people do - daily decision making. The thought "Did I make the right decision ? Will things work out ?" should not become a chronic daily thought - it will rob you of your energy and enthusiasm and create worry and stress.

Take action - analyze the job descriptions which are still in demand. What are the mandatory skills required, what are the niche skills which are not easily available,etc. Compare your own CV against the market demands - what are the gaps.You will get some idea of what your CV should look like when you return after a year and re-enter mainstream software development. Use this as your roadmap and target for all the action you do for the next 1 year. Consistent action will ensure that you stay positive in your thinking,gain confidence and keep growing.Maybe you can target some certifications.

Also please ensure that you build up your financial resources during this time - the 1st 6 months may turn out to be slightly difficult when you start looking for a job again.Having a financial backup will be a great advantage during this time and give you more options.It will ensure that you are thinking straight during critical moments.

Is it going to be tough - maybe yes, I can't say. The road towards the mountain top is always steep. The higher you climb, the air gets thinner,oxygen reduces and gravity is continuously trying to pull you down. Your own resolve to succeed is more important than anything else - situations don't matter.

"Diamonds are just pieces of carbon who just stuck to their jobs, no matter what."
      - Author unknown

Hoping for your success with all sincerity.


Sainath Sherigar

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