8 years of software faculty experience, but now i want to go for developement sector

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hello everybody,
I am working as senior software faculty at a leading computer training center for about 8 years. My age is almost 34 years. I am Bsc with 2 years advance computer diploma. I have excellent knowledge and coding capability in dotnet and oracle. but now I want to change my career to the development sector because I have realized that career and financial growth is very very limited in my current profile. my salary is also very low compare to the developers, even who have experience of only 3-5 years. my problem is that I have no MCA or certification. I have tried for the development job but has been seen that all companies does not give importance the faculty experience as I a have no project experience though I have the skill of quick learning.
In this condition what can I do? should I go for the certification? if I complete the dot net certification, will company hire me at this age, as I am 34 now.
please give me proper advise

Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, June 19, 2010 :
Hi Samiran,

Company tends to put down  pure faculty experience most of the time.  But you needn't get discouraged by this.  Since you already have good knowledge of technology try adopting the following path...

1.  First and foremost, Get some hands on real projects.  There are couple of ways to do this.  You can do this by approaching small scale firms/business establishment  in your areas, your friends/family business or anything like that and build some useful workable project using the latest technologies.  Doing this has couple of advantages
  • It will build up your confidence
  • It will also add to your portfolio
  • It will give exposure some business/domain areas.
  • And you will face some real programming challlenges.
2.  Get to the opensource world and read, understand and execute some of the code from their.  Identify best/better practices for development.

3.  Certification will be beneficial in your case.

4.  Use your communication skills (which you may already have acquired) and present yourself in a unique manner in the interview. Sometimes training could be immense helpful in some situations....

These are only my suggestions which may improve your chances of landing up a job.

Also, there are couple of other things you can do while you are developing this.  Try approaching any company as a "trainer".  Nowadays many company hire trainers also, and their pay is also good.  This is just one more alternate to get into the corporate world.

All, the very best and don't give up.

Rajesh Pillai

Samiran_mukherjee said on Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks for your advise. My question is now my age is 34 and without MCA. If I improve me as your opinion, can I get chance into corporate sector at this age?

Rajesh's Advice on Sunday, June 20, 2010 :
Did anyone said to you  that  you are too old to get into development?  If anyone did said then stay away from this kind of negative energy.  About 50 % of people I have came across my career don't have an MCA or any formal computer education.  So, don't be worried about your age as your your skills may make your age irrelevant.

There are friends of mine who got into IT after their early 30's and are doing really good.  The only thing that matters most is determination.  Don't put a block in front of yourself by thinking about age and all.  Instead spend time in building up the requisite skills.

Age may matter if it is not accompanied by proper skill set.

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