How to clear scenario based questions in an interview?

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Hi all ,

I have 2 + yrs of exp in dot net & sql.and currently im on job hunt.
As a first step i started reading Shiv sir interview question book .
And started attending interviews But still im not able to clear
1st round technical .As more than dot net ,SQL questions ,
Im also facing questions like based on any scenario in project,
Like "If you have to avoid redundancy and questions like if you
want to make these changes in your project what challenges you
face "

For those type of questions ,how can i prepare in advance ?
and keep myself ready for getting through in a good company.

Thanks in advance

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 :

Software development is all about :

  1. Understanding the problem domain correctly
  2. Designing an approach to solve it logically
  3. Identifying the technical tools / actions that need to be taken
  4. Implementing the technical solution i.e. programming the same
The 1st 3 steps are very important - all good interviewers usually rely a lot on scenario based questions to test a potential candidate's ability to think on his feet. In fact, this should be a mandatory practice as only bookish technology knowledge / concepts are not going to help in a real project. While you can prepare for technical concept based questions - cracking scenario based questions would require the ability to find solutions.

I can suggest the below steps:

  1. List down all the scenario based questions which you have faced in interviews so far
  2. Think of as many scenarios as you can and list down these as well
  3. Work out how you would solve the same in a real-world situation - if you are unsure of the same consult experienced developers for the answers and then check out the technical basis of the same on MSDN
  4. Keep giving interviews - you will gradually observe patterns even in the scenario based questions which are asked.
All of the above steps if done in enough measure and consistency will eventually ensure that you get a break.Interviewers do not expect you to have faced each scenario - but they do want to know what you will do if you are faced with the scenario they are asking about. If you are able to give a satisfactory answer they will conclude that you will be able to work independently in the long term. Else they will conclude that you will require a lot of support and hand-holding atleast in the initial stages.


Sainath Sherigar,

Nav234 said on Thursday, July 01, 2010

thank you srinath,

yeah you right,i keep attending interviews now,so that i could get all
unkown scenario based questions and trying to work on it.If possible
can you guys list me some of the FAQ scenario based ,so that it would more helpful to me.

thanks in advance

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