How to clear written test in .net interview ? is it needed for 2 - 3 yrs exp persons ?

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Hi all,

Nowadays most of the company im facing ,they are keeping written test for
experienced Dot net candidates.Is it needed for 2 - 3 yrs exp persons ?????

If so,how to clear those written tests for dot net interviews ???

Thanks in advance

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

Different companies have different methods of screening the candidates for recruitment. They may several steps for recuitment. The written test may be a part of it. The written test do screen out 80% of non-serious candidates with minimum effort from any techincal professionals. HR itself is able to do this it does not need time of techincal person to conduct it. This is offcourse suited for candidates from 1-4 years.

Written test is more precise in the questions becuase in written questions you multiple choices and you do not have options of explaining things and you do not get hints.

Some tests could be very cryptic asking you things like would this code compile or not or what is a mistake in this snippet of code. However, the written test is no different from interview becuase both are testing your knowledge. In some interview interviewer may ask candidates to write code or psuedocode.

If you fundametals are strong then you should easily pass. Search in internet you should have lot questions and sample which should give you enough direction for preparations.


-kapil siddharth-



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