Share point Or Biztalk server...which is better

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Posted on: 8/15/2009 10:06:15 AM | Views: 10889
I have got 5+ years of work experience in Microsoft technologies(vb, asp, ASP.NET, C#). Now i am looking to expand my knoledge base. I want to go in for either Sharepoint Or Biztalk server.
I want to know from career point of view which one among sharepoint/biztalk server has got more scope and is expected to grow further in future.
Also pls give me some idea about career scope in microsoft dynamics.


shivprasad's Advice on Tuesday, September 01, 2009 :

Dear Dkhandelwal,

The above 3 things are basically products targetted to specific needs. Biztalk connects systems to exchange data and orchestrate processes. Sharepoint is a collaboration platform which has features like document management,wiki,workflows etc. Dynamics is more of a line of business softwares which are targetted towards domains like CRM,ERP and retail management.

Now whatever you choose from the above you should always remember you are programmer and programmers bread and butter comes from customization. Your core competency should be a programming language with a database. The above products are just browny points which are useful to increase producitivity. For instance rather than building a WIKI from scratch its nice to have a prebuilt WIKI from sharepoint which can be customized. But the customization needs to be done in C#. So do not be specialized on the above products or else you will be limited to a market area.

Ok, now to the main point what should we choose. As said previously every product is targetted towards a problem context and its completely a personal choice. For instance if you are domain specific developer for domains like retails , ERP then dnyamics is a good option.

Said and done i personally think sharepoint is a good option because of its general features like security , document management , work flows , collaboration etc. It also provides a nice hosting environment on which your  application can run. As per market implementation you will see sharepoint is the most used product.

Probably you can leave biztalk currently and make a choice between sharepoint and dynamics.

But again said and done it completely depends on which domain you are and what are you looking forward more for.


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