Is it right or wrong BIG confusion?Iam concentrating and keen to enter only into IT field ?

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Hi all,

I have 2 + yrs of exp in dot net ,now im searching for a good job in a good company.
So i started attending interviews.EVERYTIME i read Shiv sir notes ,i gain confidence,
and everytime i loose in the inerviews,i loose and confidence and start thinking whether
am i goin in correct path ?.or am i thinkin narrowly that only i should try IT ?.

Actually why my mind tells me to try only in IT is like i have 2 + exp in dot net so
im trying in same field and im not confident to choose other field .

and sometimes i feel like these 2+ yrs exp ,i dont have gained 2yrs stuff(knowledge) and
not up to mark for the current industry needs.

So im in big confusion ...

If in case im trying to continue to try same IT ,then what and steps should i take ,
like improve my fundamentals,skills and keep myself ready for current industry needs.

I might confuse everyone,but try to read whole thing and judge me suggestion.

Thanks in advance

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

It seems you are not preparing for interviews well enough. After so many interviews you must now have realized what is being expected out of you.

Prepare for expectations. Prepare well. After failing in a interview you must find out where did you go wrong. What answer did you answer correctly and what you did not. You will get your answer why are you failing the interviews.

Success is 99% prespiraton and 1% inspiration.

We can inspire you as much you want but hardwork has to come from you. Work hard with objective and target you will succeed...

Make a list of all questions which you were asked in your last interviews and prepare them. Theortically and Hands-on with fundamentals.

If you are able to answer all questions correctly there would not be any reason for the interviewer to fail you.

You are in right path, if you can put in hard work and prepare for interview questions with objectives ...


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