10 yr Non IT exp will affect my Software Development Career

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I have done BSc(computer science) in 1999 with 50%. After that i have worked with Sairaj Pharma,as Office Assistant from 1999 to 2003 and from 2003-2008 with Agriculture Produce Market Committe, Pune as a Clerk. Which is my non IT experience.
In Aug'2008 i left this job and done CDAC in aug-feb'2009 with 57.89% simultaneously i have done MSc(computer Science) frm 2008-2010 with 50%. I am searching job as a dot net developer.
still I am not getting interview calls. Can you tell me what is problem in my profile or what are wrong things in my profile for not getting interview calls.

Plz suggest me any changes so that i can eliminate that problems so get job in small scale software companies.

deepak dangat

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

Your experience of 10 yrs in Non-IT is quiet high.

By 10 years people after having worked in several languages become technical leaders and  project managers.  After 10 years, you are seeking job as fresher in development side in .Net technologies. There are already lacs of fresh graduate who are also doing the same. So you are competing with a very large force which is fresh and very young with no commitment and highly motivated.

So for any HR of a company, your case seems quite weak for shortlisting.

In my view you need to take a different approach, you need to use your existing experience of non-IT. If it has any domain expereince combine it with IT. You should use your domain experience if you can like knowledge of how agricuture produce market works. Combine it with you IT knowledge in .Net or any other.

OR Join a job which is more suiuted with your earlier Non-IT profile prefably in an IT company and gradually swithc over.

This is one thing I think you can try ...


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