I work in sharepoint is it good to start my career in this technology

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I am working in company in which i worked as new technology share point ,
this is my first job . i start career in share point how can move towards best from share point to .net

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

Sharepoint is a good product and very much in demand now a days. Most of the companies are building their knowledge management system and enterprise portals in Sharepoint because of the good integration with MS Office technologies. It also has good collaborations.

It is definately a good start and going to be high in demand in coming years. Sharepoint after a vanilla installtion needs customization which is possible using .Net technologies. Shreapoint also needs to integrate with multiple systems which again needs .Net.

So do not worry you are on right path. However you need to give time to a particular area before jumping on the other areas or else you would not be able to use your experience of shareporint. Besides, to be Sharepoint work also will make you learn .Net technologies on the job and tools needed are essentially the same like Visual Studio .Net, framework, APIs , testing frameworks.

-kapil siddharth-


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