Can I start my Career in Biztalk server?

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Hello Sir,

I have arround 3.7 yrs of Experience in Microsoft.NET Technologies. But the problem is, I don't have a dedicated experience in any of the technologies. I was working as an ordinary programmer doing all the ordinary stuff. I was never involved in resolving critical issues. I was always getting support from my experienced colloegues.

Now I have made up my mind to concentrate on newer and most demanding technologies under Microsoft.NET Technologies (e.g: Biztalk Server or Sharepoint Portal) so that i would be among the first learners and would get a solid experience. Please suggest which one would be best for me at this critical time of my career. Is this possible?

Thanks & Regards,
Thirumaleshwar Reddy Madireddy

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

Why would this not be possible!!!  All time is right time for learning new things and tehcnologies. You can choose any of these technologies. 

-Biztalk is great technology for EAI integration and workflow i.e Microsoft offering for SOA based architecture. It is on the backend technologies on servers and backoffice integration with applications.

-Sharepoint is fron-end technology. Provides infrastructure for building web sites, portal and aggregating web parts in bigger portals. It is also essentiallly front-end part of SOA architecture allowing aggregation of information on screens. Is build on  information architecture (screen navigation) and content management (storage) knowledge. 

So decide where you want to work on front-end or backend technologies.

Howver, you would have to change your attitude of doing routine things and being ordinary and letting your collegues solve your problems. Because in the end it is not technology but the person who applies who makes it useful.

-kapil siddharth-

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