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Hello Sir,
I have done BCA through distance learning and currently pursuing MBA (Systems) from ICFAI University through distance mode. I'm working as Sr. QA Engineer in a Mumbai Based company. I have total 3.4 years of exp. in Software Testing (Manual & Automation) & have good scripting knowledge. i'm very confused about my career. I want to switch my career into IT Business analysis. I have functional plus technical knowledge but my past academics are through distance education. Is this a hurdle in my career?I have heard and faced a situation where i got rejected because of my distance mode degree. So. Should i take a break and join full time MBA or i should go ahead with this and try my luck into Business analysis. Will i able to achieve my Goal with the tag of distance education?

sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 23, 2009 :
You have mentioned that you possess functional and technical knowledge. Your current experience places you in a good position to make the transition towards becoming a business analyst.Moreover, the ability to work and study at the same time is not easy but you seem to be handling this well.
    I have observed that full-time degrees definitely hold the edge over distance education, not sure why but experience suggests that this may work against you.However, doing a full time MBA does not necessarily solve the problem. Primarily because MBA is a valuable add-on and is not a hard skill which will directly help you towards becoming a business analyst.Moreover,going at anything full-time has it's advantages and disadvantages.

(1) Single focus
(2) Ability to study better
(3) Direct interaction with a good peer group

(1) Taking a break from career - starting again is not easy but definitely possible
(2) If finances are not a problem then this option can be considered. Else, this can put a strain on your ability to come to good decisions - no situation can hold your thinking ability at ransom worser than financial problems.

Also, going full-time into anything will demand self-discipline since you will have excess time in hand. Usually it has been observed that working people do better part-time since the lack of time forces them to plan better. With more time available, procrastination sets in and usually performance suffers.
     Think about your own habit patterns, are you more efficient on a Tuesday(working day) or a Sunday (Holiday). The answer will help you to assess yourself.

One approach I can think for becoming a Business Analyst is:

(a) Equip yourself with the right skills for the job - Check out discussions on on this topic, you should find plenty of suggestions to understand what areas of knowledge and skills you need to target. Many of the BA professionals recommend doing CBAP(Certified Business Analysis Professional) - check

(b) Do quality work in your existing organization and make an attempt to become a business analyst in the same organization. I have observed many people achieve this - organizations are more flexible today and help people make career transitions. But you will need to ask your reporting managers - and may be more than once if required.

(c) Don't let the 1st obstacle you face knock you down - Change is always painful but growth is simply not possible without change and taking calculated risks. Also, learn to handle rejections - whether it is job rejections,peer group rejections and sometimes even well-meaning friends and family members. If you know what you are doing and are confident of your abilities what other people say does not matter. Infact, Sheonarayan also says the same thing in his interview which is posted on the site.

"No one can make you feel bad without your consent."
    - Eleanor Roosevelt

Finally, it is the strength of your desire which will decide whether you become successful or not at anything - external situations do not matter beyond a certain point.You have mentioned "should go ahead with this and try my luck into Business analysis" - you cannot just try to do something and hope to succeed. Just think about it,either you will post a question on career counselling or you won't,you cannot "try to post a question" - it simply means nothing. I may sound a little harsh, but it is mandatory that your decision is a firm one and commitment is total. Loose commitments can only end in failure.

"Obstacles cannot crush me, every obstacles yields to stern resolve."
    - Leonarda Da Vinci


Sainath Sherigar,

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