sincerely want a job in .net.

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My name is Naveen Kannaujia.
i have done MCA and CDAC in 2009, i am still a fresher.
Currently i am staying in Bangalore and to get some work in .net technology but this seems very difficult for me because there is very few organization working on .net and most of it working on java.
So please suggest me that how and where to find a good work in .net as i am dying to work in .net.
My focus is not to get a job rather i want some work in .net and to doing that properly and regularly is a job.

please guide me in a right direction so that i can build my career as soon as i can in .net.

Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

I do not think there are fewer companies in .Net than Java. May be currently Java jobs may be more than .Net. Or you are not getting calls fron the .Net companies. Most of the MNC have work in both.

If you are dying to work in .Net and if it is really true that there fewer companies in .Net in banglore because you definately know better. Your options are:

1) Wait for .Net offers !!!! 

2) Change the place . Move to place where there .Net companies across India.

3) Change the tehcnologies. Companies  are looking for more specialized tehcnologies in Microsoft like Sharepoint and Biztalk. So look for those.

But my sincere advice to you is as a fresher your foremost focus should be to get job as developer whatever be the technology. As a fresher you do not have too many liberties. And time may also be running out when new batch of more freshers will come out and make stiffer comptetion to you. After getting in a company you can always switch because then you have some leverage.

.Net and Java are all tools for doing development. They may come and go. You should strive to be a better developer and software engineer. .Net and Java are both on similar principles and companies let people switch freely between them at developer level.   

Give yourself some time/deadline for finding the job of your choice after which you should comprise on either place or tehcnology.

-kapil siddharth-  


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