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am male 38 year old ,B.E Graduate- 1996 passed. 15 years worked in different technologies different companies master in none.(vb,sqlserver,software support,technical support,power builder,foxpro,oracle database).now less paid..
willing to update my career but i see paths like ORACLE ERP (DBA) or do MBA or JAVA development..where i will fit better ?
or start my own small business i am really confused and frustated i humbly request to help me to select easiest and quickest path to switch.

Thanks for your time.


Kapil's Advice on Thursday, July 22, 2010 :

As we grow older with experience we should not be growing with technolgies but should be growing in roles. It seems you have not grown at all. I conclude that you are still a developer with different technologies.

Instead you should have grown in roles; from developer to module lead , tech lead to project lead/manager. If you had chosen a technical fiedl you should have grown as architect and if management field should have grown as manager.

Techincally - This should have happened if you have taken responsibilities like Coding --> module desiging --> project designing --> architecture.

Managerially - Manage 2 people -->  10 people --> project team --> accounts.

Whichever path gives you this role switch is better, I will let you decide it.

Nobody gives large money for coding, at least in India!!!

I have tried to explain this in more detail in my post

-kapil siddharth -


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