how should I go about it?

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My background:
Am a traffic officer with strong intrest in programming
I have been learning programming on my own by reading books
on java, vb6 and resently c#.
all the books just full of language syntax analysis and code snipets but noting
on developing real application nor run time binding field or data to database

My problem!
how can i understand real application development and not just two or three classes applications normanly discuss in books?

Kapil's Advice on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 :

The books are always written for a particular audience. There is always a prerequisite for reading a book. The books you are reading are expecting the reader already know real application development in one language or other. So it explains only the sytax and language constructs in that language.

You are right, most books in the market are the reference books written for technical savvy people who have done MCA or computer courses and know real application development already. 

So so you may have to find a method based on your own technical savvyness:

Everything depends on how technical savvy you are. For example - whether you can do with just hint or you need high level guidance or You need too much hand-holding.

 - So either you may have to find a book which meets your requirement OR

 - There are several step by step tutorials and even video tutorialto help in making some real project. (many could be on internet) OR

 -  You may have to attend classes which based on your actual technical savvyness custom create a course for you. 

It is after this when you can do handson on your own, to create larger projects based on actual scenarios. Real learning will always comes from actual scenarios and actual handson and there is no substitute for that.

-kapil siddharth-

Sainath's Advice on Friday, July 30, 2010 :
Kindly check the below link - I am sure this will help your cause.


Sainath Sherigar,

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