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I having 3years experience in .net in coding side.I want to improve my career more and more,according to my experience..please suggest me what to do?.....

Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, August 14, 2010 :
It's good that you are looking to improve upon on your skills.  Since you are just entered into the industry (3 years), concentrate on building and polishing up your core skills.  Since you indicated you worked with .NET spend some time mastering the following areas

Technical (a couple of items are listed below)

-  Basic Design Patterns
-  WF
-  WCF
-  JS (jquery and other library)
-  SQL Server (fine tuning and troubleshooting)
-  Unit Testing (using TDD approach, UI testing using WatiN or Selenium)
-  Exception and Logging best practices
-  Performance fine tuning using firebug, fiddler, yslow plugin etc
-  Learn UML

A BIG PLUS :  Learn SharePoint (2007 and 2010)

Other Skills

-  Communication (written and spoken)
-  Team activity (participate in some open source project or start a new one)
-  Understand about SDLC
-  Time Management (this is most important and may effect your other activities if not managed correctly)
(If you are interested you can read a blog post which I have written for my team members)

Essential Skills for Web Development

All the very best for your career ahead!!!


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