ITIL relevance in different areas of work other than software

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I have done my BE in IT .
I have worked as a Professor in an engineering college for a year taught engg students of IT .But management being my core interest
now currently working as a marketing officer in an automotive industry i am handling activities related to order processing , handling customer accounts, requests etc .

Somehow i am very confused as to what should my key stone should be . I am intrested in marketing and managerial work .I had gone through ITIL long back and it just struck me again to do the certification..I Just wnated to know how would ITIL certification help me and what are the job opportunities with the same in different ares of work other than software industry .I would like to have a more clearer idea as to if ITIl can be integrated in other areas of work or is it constricted to Software only.Also if you could let me know what else can be done to enhance my current profile .

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 15, 2010 :

I think your problem is once again "lack of clear goals" The reason why I say this is because :

BE (IT) --> Professor in Engineering college --> Marketing officer in automotive industry

I can see no clear link or long-term direction. Although I may sound harsh here,sometimes fear of failure can stop us from setting big goals. So we end up thinking in the following manner - "this is where I am today, let me see if doing this will help enhance / improve things" and hope to succeed. And we play it safe and fiddle with some new skills, certifications,etc hoping that something will happen. This is the proven road to living a life of mediocrity and failure.

"Success equals goals, all else is commentary."
    - Brian Tracy

First and foremost, please identify your long-term career goal. Let us say, given the basic IT degree and the interest in marketing and management you choose to aim to become a Sales Manager in an IT company. Please note - this should be your goal and should not be taken up since it has been suggested on the forum. What steps should you take to achieve it?

(1) Meet 3-4 Sales Managers and ask them how they got to where they are? What does their job require them to do on a daily basis? What are the skill differentiators, qualifications,etc needed to achieve the level they have achieved?

People are always willing to share - only if we are patient,persistent and polite and humble enough to ask for help. Some of the feedback you receive will be common for all the persons - use this as the base information on which you will identify your next step.

(2) List down all that you need to do to achieve your goal
    Typically this will become a big, exhaustive list - the more the details, the better. It will also make you realize that probably more effort is needed than you originally thought.

(3) Prepare a schedule
    Identify the amount of free hours you have in a day - estimate the amount of time for each task on the list and commence action.You should ideally do something everyday.

"The price of success must be paid in full, in advance."
    - Brian Tracy

(4) Take consistent action - on a daily basis

Regarding ITIL, ITIL(IT Infrastructure Library) is specifically designed to address  the service delivery challenges while handling IT infrastructure, IT services,etc. While the ITIL approach can also be applied to other industries, the primary target is IT services.From a knowledge perspective, ITIL will give you insights which can be used in other industries also, but by itself, it will not lead to better job opportunities.


Sainath Sherigar,

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